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1. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Guide to Motorcycling
2. Proficient Motorcycling
by David Hough
3. More Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough
4. Street Strategies by David Hough
5. Ride Hard Ride Smart by Pat Hahn
6. Motorcycle Roadcraft The police rider's handbook to
better motorcycling by Philip Coyne
7. A Twist of The Wrist 1 & 2 by Keith Code
8. Smooth Riding by Reg Pridmore
9. Rain Riding Techniques by Todd Thompson
The Smart Motorcyclist understands that
safe motorcycling involves lifelong learning
and skills development. From all
appearances riding a motorcycle is a mostly
physical activity, but contrary  to popular
belief, motorcycling is largely mental.
Information is processed before, during and
after the ride to enable the rider to make
good decisions for appropriate physical
responses. However, the mental processing
of information relies on  the riders training,
confidence, and experience.
There is a difference in having thirty years
of experience and having one year of
experience for thirty years. Many riders with
years of experience still have difficulty with
basic motorcycle control skills. Their
problem lies in the fact that they have never
been properly trained and have spent years
perfecting bad habits, usually with the
consequence of numerous minor, and
sometimes not-so-minor mishaps.
The Smart Motorcyclist, like the winning
athlete, uses training and practice to
achieve the best results. There are many
avenues for riders to improve their skills and
rider safer. Most states offer training
programs in cooperation with the Motorcycle
Safety Foundation (
MSF). Basic and
advanced training can also be found in
private class offering. There are many
books, magazines and audio-visual products
devoted to  improving the motorcycling
Riding a motorcycle safely requires a
commitment to lifelong learning and diligent
practice to improve skills.
"I Didn't See Him"

Be Seen and Ride Again - offers a solution to the problem of not
being seen by motorists. The effectiveness of their  reflective safety products
makes them a "must" for the smart motorcyclist's conspicuity. Reduce your
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Customize and beautify your motorcycle with StreetGlo reflective motorcycle
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Accidents or close calls can rarely be attributed to a single cause,  usually when we make several bad choices we
experience resulting problems. (Improper motorcycle gear, excessive speed, riding beyond skills, failure to maintain
adequate safety margins, violating traffic laws, riding under the influence, distracted, etc.) Share the details of your
unfortunate mishaps or close calls with us. Let others learn from your mistakes is dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety through rider
education and public awareness programs and improving the general image of motorcycling.

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