Steven Staples
About Steve
Steve is a longtime motorcyclist, a rider trainer and a motorcycle safety advocate. He
believes that for motorcycle safety to be a reality, all vehicle operators, motorcyclists
and motorists, must take an active role. With the growth of popularity of motorcycles
and scooters there are very few people, if any, whose "circle of association" doesn't
include a motorcyclist. That point alone should make motorcycle safety personal to all
vehicle operators. Motorcyclists hold the greatest stake in motorcycle safety and should
continuously seek ways of improving their performance and circumstance. Motorist
have a responsibility to safely share the roadways with more vulnerable vehicles.
Steve is certified as a Ridercoach by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). As a
Ridercoach he facilitates courses designed to teach riders effective  motorcycle
operational skills and risk management strategies. Besides his duties as a trainer he
has created and implemented motorcycle safety initiatives to involve motorcycle clubs,
motorcycle dealers, and motorists in promoting safer riding.
"The mounting participation in two-wheeled transportation, a
phenomenal increase in road usage by the two largest at-risk
groups, elderly and young folk, and  tremendous growth of
crashes related to driver distraction,
 require an increase  in
efforts to promote
motorcycle safety and awareness to prevent
increased injury and fatality
                                                                             Steve Staples
  • 2003 June 22 - Received certification as MSF RiderCoach
  • 2005 May-Oct - Served as volunteer for "Art of the Motorcycle" Exhibition
  • 2005 November 25 - Received State certification as Licensing Instructor
  • 2006 January -  Awarded "RiderCoach of the Year" by Cycle Safety Program
  • 2006 July - Awarded a NAMS Grant by the MSF/NHTSA to facilitate a motorist
    awareness program through the Driver Education Program of Tennessee's
    largest school district, Memphis City Schools (MCS)
  • 2006 August - Kick-off for NAMS funded MCS Driver Education awareness
    initiative for the 2006-2007 school year
  • 2007 January 27 - Awarded "State RiderCoach of the Year" by the
    Tennessee Motorcycle Rider Education Program
  • 2007 May 2 - Recognized in a Proclamation by Memphis City Council and
    organized an awareness rally and memorial service on "World Famous Beale
  • 2007 August 8 - Started  MCS Driver Education awareness initiative for the 2007-
    2008 school year
  • 2007 August 16 - Awarded Outstanding RiderCoach by the Motorcycle Safety
  • 2007 December 13 - Accepted as an expert in the category of "Motorcycle Safety
    and Driveability" for
  • 2008 June 03 - Received National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety Grant from the
    Motorcycle Safety Foundation for continued motorcycle awareness initiative in
    the Memphis City Schools
  • 2008 August - Guest speaker for Opening ceremony of the River City Bikers