An increasing interest in motorcycles has resulted in a steady growth in the two-wheeled riding community, consequently,
motorcycle accidents are also on the rise. One of the key causes of collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles is the
driver of the other vehicle violating the motorcyclists right of way. is currently promoting an awareness
campaign to encourage rider development through education and educate drivers of cars and trucks of the need to look out for
motorcycles and responsibly share the road.
Excellence is Job 1

Rider education and skill development are only a part of the solution to reducing motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Many
people see motorcycling as an individual activity, and it is, from an operational viewpoint. But once the motorcyclists take to
the public roadways, motorcycling becomes  very social. Public roadways are used by operators of many different types of
vehicles. To effectively share the road safely with motorcycles drivers of other vehicles need to be aware of the problems
larger vehicles can cause for a smaller, more vulnerable vehicle. Drivers  of other vehicles are often unaware of the rights
and entitlement's of motorcycles in the traffic mix.
Without the efforts of special interest groups and motorcycle safety activists motorcycle safety initiatives would often go
lacking. Public service announcements, commercials, billboards and other awareness initiatives are usually the result of the
persistence of concerned motorcyclists. It is the responsibility of all motorcyclists to look out for their own safety. Motorcyclists
need to stay in the learning loop to develop and maintain behavior and attitudes that encourage safer vehicle operation.
Riders need to share the message of "how to respect a motorcyclists right of way" with friends, family and co-workers.
Offering volunteer services in awareness initiatives or financially supporting projects promoting safety will help to make
motorcycling safer for all who enjoy and love riding.   
Motorcyclists Matter

Motorcycle Awareness Month
May is recognized as "Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month" by the state of Tennessee as well as many other states.
city of Memphis issued a resolution on May 2, 2007 recognizing the efforts of local individuals and entities involved
in the promotion of safe motorcycling. An awareness rally was held at "Bike Night" on World Famous Beale Street which
included the reading of the Resolution and a candlelight vigil for fallen bikers.
The rally was planned and sponsored by the
Motorcycle Awareness Project in an effort to promote rider education and
motorist awareness as keys to making significant reductions in motorcycle accidents and the resulting  injuries and
Motorcycle Awareness Project also introduced a reflective theme patch to be worn on riding apparel. The patch
(shown below) has a threefold purpose as it: (a)promotes rider education and motorists awareness  (b) shows unity in
support of motorcycle safety issues and (c) its
reflective quality makes it useful as protective gear.
Motorcycle Education and Awareness Saves Lives
Reflective Patches
It's Bad You Know - R.L.Burnside