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"Second-Hand" Driving

Second-hand Smoke is a familiar reference point for describing often fatal consequences of another's choices and actions. "Second-Hand Driving" is a far more commonplace cause of destruction and death due to the choices and actions of others. Every morning on my daily commute my focus is unequally divided on operating my own vehicle and predicting what other drivers will do, with most attention going to the latter. The frenzied hurried pace of traffic, the by-product of over-sleeping or underplanning, sets the stage for an inevitable vehicle crap-shoot. Whether it's the "still dressing while driving" driver, the "having breakfast while driving" driver, "working in route" driver or the many, some even unimaginable, feats of multi-tasking that drivers attempt create an environment of senseless hazard. Too many vehicle operators drive as though they are the only users on the road. The actions of many drivers seem to blame other road users for their inability to keep scheduled appointments. This increasing attitude of selfishness fuels aggressive driving and discourage the common courtesy necessary in safe driving environments.

Road safety is the responsibility of all road users, but due to vulnerability the motorcyclist has the greatess chance of injury or death.

Motorcyclists need to lead the charge to make roads safer. We need to be involved in the promotion of efforts to increase interest and involvement in rider education and motorists awareness. Individual riders and members of riding clubs should strive to serve as model road user since we are prime stakeholders in safely sharing our roadways.  


2008-04-15 18:53:21 GMT
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c'mon steven! this entry is from april? great comments and info, but tell us about your last class you taught. i was in that class and you have me voracious for information about safe riding and just fun articles about riding and gear as well as new bikes and stuff! give us an account of your last class (without using names, please) and give us some insight to common rookie mistakes and habits and some of the humor that comes with teaching the class.
2008-11-15 02:30:45 GMT
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